Dronesurvey Asia is a leading commercial drone service dedicated to providing high quality mapping images and data for the architecture, civil engineering, urban planning, construction and industrial inspection fields in Hong Kong and Southern China.

Our team of experienced, qualified, fully insured drone pilots work alongside technology experts from a wide range of backgrounds. Dronesurvey Asia leverages the power of remote aerial technology to bring you today’s most advanced, up-to-date land mapping, visualisation and structural surveying solutions.

We operate to the highest standards, ensuring safety and mitigating risk in all aspects of operation.

We use only qualified, experienced drone pilots – those who have fully passed the CDP-C™ Programme, which places emphasis not just on piloting skills and ability to handle a drone, but also on comprehensive safety procedures, operational integrity, and a thorough understanding of flight risks.

The CDP-C™ (Certified Drone Pilot – Commercial)* is an internationally recognised 3-part drone pilot qualification, approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, the Hong Kong CAD, and many other European jurisdictions.


We are also a member of ARPAS-HK, the Hong Kong chapter of the international Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, a non-profit organisation that works with aviation authorities around the world to develop and implement effective policies for the safe and secure use of drones and UAS for civil and commercial purposes. ARPAS Hong Kong is actively working with both the CAD on Hong Kong and the CAAC in China, to promote the safe commercial use of drones. Learn more at www.arpashk.com.

*If you are interested in taking the CDP-C course in Hong Kong, please click here for more information.