What is Dronesurvey Asia?

Dronesurvey Asia is Hong Kong’s first commercial and industrial drone service. We’re dedicated to providing reliable, consistent and high quality data for the urban planning across a wide range of infrastructure sectors, including civil engineering, construction, architecture and structural inspection.

What services do you offer?

We offer complete survey packages, whereby we photo-survey a site for you, process the photos into accurate orthomosaics, and provide you with the final ortho-corrected map and data in one or more file formats of your choosing. These include TIF, OBJ, LAS, and JPG formats. Alternatively, we can provide you with the raw, high resolution photo-sets for your own in-house processing.

Why not just buy my own drone and do it myself?

Well yes, you can just buy your own drone, and do it yourself. Quadcopter drones are now relatively cheap, and pretty reliable. The software for executing a photo mapping flight is relatively easy to use, and generally the process is automatic.

But authorisation and safety should be the primary concerns of any responsible business.

  • Do you have permission to fly a drone commercially, especially if your site is within a dense urban area?
  • Do your people know what to look out for in order to execute a safe drone mission, without risk to those on the ground – either on site, or the public areas outside the site?
  • Do you know how to optimise an aerial survey to get the best out of your photos? And then, do you know how to process the photosets once you’ve got them?
  • Moreover, do you have the internal manpower and resources to manage and maintain an effective drone survey programme? Drones may be small, but they are still aircraft just like any other. They occupy the same airspace as manned aircraft, and need to be treated the same way: they require proper operation and maintenance programmes to be in place.
  • And if something does wrong, are you covered? Do you have sufficient third party liability insurance? Because you never know.

What is a CDP-C™?

The CDP-C™ (Certified Drone Pilot Certificate)* is an internationally recognised 3-part drone pilot qualification, recognised by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, the CAD, and many other European jurisdictions.

The CDP-C™ places emphasis not just on piloting skills and ability to handle a drone, but also on comprehensive safety procedures, operational integrity, and a thorough understanding of flight risks.

Dronesurvey Asia employs only qualified, experienced drone pilots who have fully passed the CDP-C™ programme. In addition, all our pilots have third party liability insurance cover of at least US$10 million.