Pilot Training

Have your own drone, and want to develop your flying skills?  Or looking to build and train your own in-house drone team? We’re now offering drone flight training courses through our partners at ScottCopters.

scottcopters_logo_trScottCopters Flight School employs only CDP-C™ qualified pilots to work as instructors. Lessons can be in either English or Cantonese. Courses are arranged on a bespoke basis depending on needs and flying skills of the individual. Normally we run four-hour sessions, which include air law, theory of flight, meteorology and flying lessons, are all held at our Hong Kong flying site.

We also conduct family days where parents can come with children and do a ‘try-a-day’, as well as corporate experience days, where your company or team can come and learn the thrills of drone flying, and get hands-on experience as well as a fun day out. We can provide aircraft or you can bring your own. We can also offer large discount on purchasing aircraft when part of a flight-training programme.

For commercial trainees, our instructors will train you to pass the extremely demanding 12-task flight exam for the CDP-C™. At no stage will your examiner have been your instructor so full transparency and independence of assessment is maintained.

For flight training bookings and more information, contact us today or visit the ScottCopters.com courses page.

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