Taking the Drone Out of Drones

New Zealand startup Dotterel Drones is working on a set of noise-reducing propeller shrouds for popular models of drones. Not only could this be nice for generally reducing the buzz that comes from today’s UAV’s (most of which comes from the tips of the props), but it would enable better live audio situations – like a host talking direct to camera before the camera moves up – much more viable.

Dotterel claims a 6dB noise reduction on a standard drone already with their prototype shroud. That’s the equivalent loudness of a drone 40 metres away, while its actually just 20 metres away. They believe they can reduce it much further, and hope to have initial products available later this year.

In the land surveying field, quieter drones mean less disturbance of nearby residents who may live near a site under development, and for the survey of natural environments, less disturbance for the creatures that live within. For wildlife cameramen and photographers, it could also be a boon, enabling up close aerial shots without scaring the bejeezus out of the animals!

There’s also the safety aspect: any drone with propeller shrouds is inherently safer should the worst happen, and a drone comes down at or near people.

More Information:

Watch this video interview with Dotterel from NAB 2016 by newsshooter.com