Construction Site Monitoring

There’s a lot of work important being done on sites today that could be made more efficient by the use of drones. Prospective sites ready to be developed need to be surveyed and terrain mapped. An understanding of the topology and geology are essential for initial planning and design.

Once construction is under way, there’s a lot to keep track of;  sites under development need careful management, including ongoing surveying, monitoring of work in progress, inventory and supply management, and optimisation of resources. 

Satellite imagery can be used to as part of the process, buts it’s often of low resolution, and not up to date. Many satellite images date quickly, especially urban areas in Hong Kong, and are not an accurate reflection of what’s on the ground right now.

By utilising the latest generation of drones along with cloud-based image processing systems, Dronesurvey Asia enables professional-quality aerial imagery in a way that is faster, and more cost-effective than ever before – and not just once, but repeatedly over time. This repeatable, precise flight ability makes drones the ideal platform for near-ground mapping – something that’s virtually impossible in Hong Kong with conventional aircraft.

Our GPS-enabled aerial platforms enable us to quickly and efficiently create accurate, georeferenced 3D maps, orthophoto projections and digital surface models of your site – and repeat the process over a period of weeks, months or even years. You’re also able to access web-based tools that make measuring and tracking of stockpile and excavation volumes quick and easy.

Measurements can be made directly from within a web-browser, then easily shared, or archived to track progress over time so you can precisely monitor construction progress, and share the data across multiple partners or sub-contractors anywhere in the world. Depending on the site, mapping and post-processing can be complete and delivered within 24 hours.

And of course, safety is always an issue on any construction site, so reducing the number of people that need to visit a site, and/or be on site to analyse progress, check inventory, and survey structures is always going to be positive benefit for on-site safety.

Sample Map

Marketplace Construction Progress, Florida: This is an example of a Location Map, or a multi-layer map of the same location. Click the layers icon in the upper right to view the different date layers. The February 20 layer was georeferenced to an existing basemap while other layers are referenced to that for maximum alignment accuracy. Location Maps allow users to define what base layers and overlays are shown and it what order. This will continue to be updated as new layers become available and construction progresses.

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