Construction Site Mapping

Combining high resolution cameras with GPS-enabled aerial platforms, Dronesurvey Asia is able to quickly and efficiently create accurate, georeferenced 3D maps, orthophoto projections and digital surface models of your site, including volume and distance measurement and multiple data layers at levels of detail never before imagined. The measurement and tracking of stockpile or excavation volumes is now quick and easy.

Our drones enable the creation of detailed, precise orthomosaic maps, with image detail down to at least 5cm per pixel. From these, you can quickly and easily extract elevation and volumetric data, or monitor progress over time.

Volume-measure-demoSpeed up site development, monitoring and survey processes using drone-captured orthomosaics with pinpoint accuracy.

What’s an orthomosaic? Essentially, a grid of stitched-together, geometrically-corrected photos that accurately represent a portion of the Earth’s surface.

Digital Ground Control Points

Mapping-GIF-animation-smallFor additional precision, Dronesurvey Asia can set and record ground control points. This improves orthomosaic accuracy to within 5cm in x, y and z or less.

On top of that, we can export your maps using custom projections for any EPSG code, making it faster and easier for you to analyse your maps in a local coordinate system of your choosing. Different projections are used to minimize distortion for different purposes. Some map projections, such as those used for large, global maps, aim to distribute the amount of distortion fairly evenly across the globe. Other projections are intended to minimize the amount of distortion in a specific area – hence local projections.

We can offer GeoTIFF export in two standard projections:

  • WGS84/EPSG:4326 (a widely-used projection for desktop software like ArcGIS)
  • Web Mercator/EPSG:3857 (used by most web applications such as Google Maps)

Or let us know your preferred EPSG projection and we can work with that.

Sample Maps

Golf Course Sample, Hong Kong:  This orthophoto map was generated from 67 geo-tagged images, covering 12 acre / 5 hectare section of a golf course in the New Territories, at a .5 inch/pixel resolution from an altitude of 120 ft / 36.5 m about ground level.

Olympic Training Centre, California: This georeferenced orthophoto map was created from 1133 geo-tagged images. An area of 234 acres / 95 hectares was covered with 1.9 inch/pixel ground resolution from an altitude of around 360 ft / 110 m.

Excavation Site, Pennsylvania: This georeferenced photo mosaic and colorized relative elevation map were created from 1001 images. The 17 acre / 6.9 hectare site was photographed at a .5 inch/pixel ground resolution from an altitude of 150ft / 46 m above ground level.

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