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In return, we’re offering a FREE orthomosaic mapping module on your first drone mission booked with Dronesurvey Asia. You just pay the core mission prep and execution fees, and we’ll waive fees on the orthomosaic mapping and post-processing modules. That’s a saving of over HK$40,000!

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(Terms and Conditions apply – see below. Offer valid until 30th September, 2016)

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Applies for site surveys within the Hong Kong SAR only. Surveys in the Macau SAR will also be considered, but this will involve additional costs.
  2. Applies to surveys of sites up to 12 hectares in overall area.
  3. CAD Permits: All surveys subject to the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) permit application process, and CAD permission being granted for the site in question.
  4. Core Mission Charges: clients will be charged for (a) mission preparation and pre-site hazards assessment, (b) CAD application processing, and (c) core mission execution (together around HK$20,000). Orthomosaic map capture fee (d), and map post processing fee (e) will be waived.
  5. Survey Grade Maps: survey grade making is not included in this offer. Map capture precision will be within the limitations and accuracy of available GPS systems, producing orthomosaics with a precision variance of around 10 to 20 cm in each direction. Survey grade maps deliver accuracies of 5 cm or less, but require the use of pre-set ground control points and/or the use of drones equipped with RTK-GNSS systems. Feel free to ask us for a quote if you would like to include a survey grade option for your map.
  6. Orthomosaic processing: processing will be done using a cloud-based map processing service, such as DroneDeploy or Skycatch. A fully functioning free 30-day trial account will be make available for clients to try the service in question. Clients may choose to switch to a paid account at the end of the trial period. dronesurvey.HK will provide additional support, on top the online support provided by the selected service.
  7. Orthomosaic 3D models: a 3D model option of your site can be included, but we will need to fly and capture a set of oblique images around your site, as well as from above. Rendering accuracy of the 3D model is dependent on the ability to capture sufficient oblique image around the site. Obstructions outside  the site, such as other high rise buildings, may prevent the full capture of images needed for accurate 3D model rendering at all angles.